Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slowing down for better yarn

Posting my yarn on Ravelry soon had me thinking twice about daydream spinning. It wasn’t like I could pass off bobbin after bobbin of gray singles as “art yarn.” I had joined “Yarn Everyday” back in April when it opened with the challenge to spin and post a yarn everyday of that month. I had begun spinning for a weft faced rug project and all I had to show was bobbin after bobbin of utilitarian green and eventually brown yarn. I made four ply but my skeins didn’t exactly rival the bright and beautiful yarn shown by my fellow Ravelers. Seeing my basic yarns in 8 megapixels also had me paying closer attention to what I was doing.
I discovered I was spinning too fast. Considering I had about 12 pounds of fleece to go through, I guess I felt the pressure. I had to force myself to slow down to improve my yarn. And I learned something new—how to savor that production. I must say, I enjoyed spinning every foot of yarn. Above are most of the results of my efforts this spring and represent almost all of four fleeces worth of wool. I’ve already woven about two feet of the rug, and I have some bobbins of the gray waiting to be plied.

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