Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finish Line! Woohoo!

Turning up the gas, I pump up the proverbial hill and speed toward the finish line. I'm not here for glory, just to finish. The crowds are gathering in the early dawn as I set the Lendrum up to ply, this is the last leg, I can almost see the finish line.
Okay, so maybe I'm using a bit too much poetic wax. But the truth is the Tour de Fleece was not only fun, but a little bit exhausting. On more than one occasion, I'd be up pretty early and spinning like mad before going to work, trying to get closer to my goals.
Complicating this was a roadtrip I took with my husband to buy a new-to-me loom (I'll tell you about that in my next blog) and then I invited my entire spinning group to my house for a spin-in. Now that was a lot of fun and it helped me get some spinning done, but it also meant cleaning and making sure there were plenty of snacks. Of course, everyone brought snacks and yes, there is nothing better than spending a good part of the day hanging out with fellow spinners!
I managed to spin 4 skeins of sock yarn during the three weeks of the tour. Above, you can see them clockwise from top left: the skein of grey Corriedale mixed with some blue and lavender Cotswold, knitted Blue Faced Leicester and Firestar, a skein of red Cormo blended with grey silk, and grey Corriedale blended with purple and grey mohair. All of these blends will be knit into socks and tested for durability and I will report on them in future blogs.
I never did get to the brown Romney and Firestar blend shown. I think I will take my time spinning that over the next week or so. My next big spinning project is some purple dyed Shetland which I still need to card and then I'll be spinning up some warp for a blanket I want to make from a blend of merino and llama.

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