Sunday, July 19, 2009

Treadling like mad on the Tour de Fleece

Treadling like mad, I’m spinning fine singles with excess speed to catch up with the pack on Ravelry’s Tour de Fleece. My ride, a Schacht Ladybug, is up to this marathon, taking the yarn up beautifully.
The first week went great, and I breezed through my first batch of batts, but this second week has found me behind, only spinning a little bit each day. I’ve just finished my second bobbin of a three-ply sock yarn. I still have enough batts for two more pairs of socks, and tomorrow, on the rest day, I’ll be carding batts for a third pair.
I’m not exactly sure how I got so far behind—beautiful days where I relaxed outside without my wheel, meeting with my knitting group, watching some show on TV (I knit or pick fleece there) or just plain not spending enough time at the wheel. But here I am, behind. I was hoping to have plied and be at least a couple of bobbins into my third skein for socks. To make up for it, I will finish bobbin three today and ply on my rest day. I might even start the third skein.
My stash has yielded some interesting blends. Above to the left, you can see the three ply yarn I spun from the batts below, purple dyed Bluefaced Leicester blended with red Firestar during the first week of the tour. It’s nice and glitzy and I’m hoping the nylon Firestar will add strength as well as pizzazz. Because the yarn ended out thicker than I wanted, I am knitting them into warm house socks. I suppose I’ll save these for company.
Downsizing the whorl on my wheel, I’m now better able to spin thin. This time I blended red cormo with some purple-grey and rose silk to create a colorway I am calling “Prairie Dawn.” You can see the batts on the right and the singles to the left. I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks plied. It should knit into some elegant socks. Another blend I’ll be spinning soon will be some brown Romney and multicolor Firestar, and grey Corriedale with red and purple mohair. Both of these blends should fit my goal of sturdy and comfortable socks.

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