Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cutting my losses

It was the best of weeks and it was the worst of weeks. The best part was I re-finished the socks shown to the left. Eager to get on with another project, I knit the second sock too short. So I had to undo the toe, knit more foot and then get back to the toe. Now here they are, nicely sized and ready to go.
They are part of my search for the indestructible sock yarn and I will wear them this winter to see how long they last. My dog, a Samoyed, needs a long walk every morning, so these socks will get plenty of use all winter. He’s one of those northern sledding breeds so he absolutely loves the cold and dashing through the snow.
The socks are a three ply of shades of dark brown and lighter brown Romney and some Corriedale dyed red. The idea is the Romney will provide strength and durability while the Corriedale makes them soft. The three ply and thickness should enhance the durability. Only testing will tell—let’s see how it goes.

Now for the worst part of my week: while winding on the warp on my smaller loom, I lost the lease sticks. “How?” you ask. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty and leave it at that. I decided to plunge ahead and was three quarters of the way through threading when I realized I needed to add a few emergency heddles. When I went to the back to perform this delicate surgery, I got a good look at the warp beam.
Oh yes, yarn loves to do the twist.
I realized this wasn’t working out and more effort would just lead to unnecessary frustration at a time when I have better things to do. I decided to cut my losses and pulled the warp off the loom. I know this will shock those of you who save your thrums, but I threw it all away. I will start again fresh another day.

Okay, I rethought the throw away part. The warp is salvageable and I just need to start over again with it.


  1. Whats a lease stick?

    Spinning Sensei

  2. Those socks look *really* warm! My Lab Mongo loves the snow - in small doses, thankfully, so I don't have to worry too much about getting cold feet. But the reminder of another winter coming has me thinking about knitting or felting a small set of booties for my little wiener, Dakota Tess. She's the kind of dog that looks at the snow, then looks up to me as if saying "you really want me to go out in **that**?!"

    Good luck with the salvage operation - while I don't weave with a loom (yet!), I can definitely commiserate with both the frustration and cutting your losses. There comes a point where you just know it's time.