Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dark, tangled side of weaving

After pulling the warp off my loom last week, I was so discouraged I was ready to put the loom up for sale. Not only did I e-mail a friend asking her if she wanted it, I also took pictures to post. Now it wasn’t the looms fault, so what I was doing was completely unfair. It was my fault. I removed the lease sticks while winding the warp on. Why? Brain cramp.

One of you asked what a lease stick is. If you look closely at the photo to the right, they are the two sticks across the warp behind the raddle—that’s the thing with the prongs. You put these in the cross, which is something you create while winding the warp on a warping board. Part of learning to weave is picking up this whole new language that only other weavers understand. It’s fun to talk weaving around knitters and watch their eyes cross.

Another fun thing about weaving is you get to put together odd looking contraptions such as in my picture. It looks fairly neat right now, but it was completely crazy earlier. I should have taken a picture, raw and uncut, but it goes against the grain to post a complete mess. I want to fight that urge and show you the dark, tangled side of weaving as I struggle along the road from novice to expert. I just really started weaving this year.

As for the towels, I started out with 400 ends, but with all warps snapping at the speed of popping corn, and a tangle so thick I had to chop off a bundle, I’m lucky if I have 300. So rather than wide kitchen towels, I probably have narrow kitchen scarves. I’m still not sure if I should pursue this further. I think I’m going to take a break and look into warping my big loom with rug warp.

The counterbalance loom above was not the original loom for this project. To the left is one of the pictures I took when I was determined to sell the offending loom, a perfectly nice Schacht with 8 harnesses. I can’t blame the loom--he has the potential to make lovely projects. I realize now it was a mistake to remove the warp in the first place. I think he needs a name, something other than @#$%& loom. I will gladly take suggestions. The counterbalance, by the way, is a Leclerc Fanny and she’s named Chloe, so don’t call her Fanny, she hates that name. She’ll tangle your warp if you do.

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  1. Watching eyes cross, or glaze over? Funny, I remember when I first learned how to spin, there were so many new terms and phrases, I was sure I was never going to learn them all!
    Glad to hear you and your Schacht "made friends" again - he is handsome, isn't he? Since he's a he, I'd call him "Chuck" - atleast it rhymes with @#$%&. ;-)