Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fiber overload

Fiber overload is a syndrome most often associated with fiber festivals, but can also strike during farm visits (as it did on my recent trip to Elihu Farm) and has been known to occur at home when a fiber enthusiast is sorting through his or her stash. The symptoms include feelings of elation accompanied by an overestimation of just how much fiber one can possibly spin/knit/crochet/weave in a lifetime. Further, it is known to cause befuddlement and a tendency to “flit and fondle” a condition where the stricken will spend long moments gazing at and touching a particular fiber/skein and suddenly run to another fiber/skein to spend long moments examining it.
In the worst cases, the fiber overload sufferer can be seen stumbling around lugging four or five large bags of purchases muttering “where did I see that painted roving?” or some such thing under her breath. If you suspect you may suffer from this, make sure you don’t go to a festival alone—and if your friends are spinners/knitters/weavers, go in a group of at least three in case more than one of you is overcome at the same time. This why I like to have my husband along at festivals--not only is he immune to fiber overload but I will never be that woman with six bags of fleece muttering to herself about the roving. My husband carries not only my purchases but chocolate—which is a kind of smelling salt to snap the fiber overload sufferer out of the worst symptoms.
Symptoms have been shown to last for as long as a week after exposure. Lingering fiber overload brought on by my visit to Elihu Farm is why I promised in my last blog that I would be able to show you a warped loom this week. I was suffering from the classic overestimation symptom. Yes, I did wind some warp, but I’m far from being able to start showing you pictures.
In the meantime, I have the glitzy purple socks I finished this week from a three ply Bluefaced Leicester and Firestar blend. This is one of the skeins I spun in this year’s Tour de Fleece and you can see pictures of the spinning in my July blog and on Ravelry. I finished off a lot of things this week, including some dark brown Rambouillet I was spinning three ply, shown here ( this is from the sheep of one of my guild colleagues Pat). Plus I washed one of my new fleeces. For fun, I’m adding a picture of that fleece I told you about last week—the light brown moorit.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Please stop by next week. I put up a new installment every Sunday!

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