Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fleece O' Matic

My washing machine died last Sunday, which is not a good thing considering I have 5 fleeces waiting to be cleaned. Good thing I had washed most of our clothes, so it wasn’t too bad. The next day, I stopped in at my local Dependable Maytag appliance store to have a look at some Maytags. I avoid big box stores for major purchases because I value service and because the savings touted by box stores are an illusion.
Now washing machines have changed a lot and now have really cool features. Unfortunately, as a crafter, I have very specific needs. For instance, I can’t use a machine that senses how much I’ve loaded into the machine and then it decides how much water I need. I need to be able to fill the tub first and then add the fleece. I also can’t let it agitate. I need to soak and then spin. (For more information on how to wash a fleece in a washing machine, please visit my website at

What I needed was a Fleece O’ Matic. So I explained the situation to the knowledgeable salesman and he took me immediately to the old fashioned top loaders, because only these would fit my needs.

And here is where I must confess to a case of feature envy, because what I really wanted was one of those top loaders with the big shiny agitator free tubs and control panels suitable for steering a starship. But what I was looking at was pretty much what I’d been using all my life with the same utilitarian knobs that I’ve seen since childhood. I did what I could to dress it up—stainless steel tub, clear top, etc. but it is still your basic washing machine. Sigh.

The demands of this hobby forced me to swallow my feature envy and buy what was practical for the kind of work I do. And it is a really nice washing machine as it is. Plus for once I can tell my husband my hobby is actually saving money, because the machine I needed cost half as much as the state of the art kind.

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