Sunday, September 20, 2009

Knitting by candlelight

As I write this, I’m sitting in Rocky Mountain National Park—the sun is shining though not on me---I can barely see my laptop screen as it is! I have a lovely view of mountains and the day promises to be warm—but in the cool wear a nice sweater kind of way. We did lots of hiking up here and are completely enjoying the beauty, the peace and quiet and the fresh air. One of our neighbors is the elk shown to the right, who we named Murray. He bugled his heart out in an attempt to catch the fancy of a passing elk cow.
Our site turned out to be a regular “Wild Kingdom” with Murray and his friends, coyote’s yipping and yowling in the night (and one who came out in daylight to check us out) and numerous bluebirds, yellow rump warblers, chickadees and a band of magpies. Three magpies landed on the picnic table and squawked at me as I was entering the trailer with the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I told them no way, and put the cinnamon rolls in the camp oven. No sooner had the rolls begun to bake that we heard pecking on the roof of our trailer. This was followed by a magpie bouncing on the tent part. Another soon followed. I had to step outside to chase them off. Our dog did his share by squeezing his squeaky toy.
While in Estes Park, I stopped in at Neota Designs Studio and Gallery and this is a must see when you are visiting the area. She has lovely handwoven items, along with handpainted yarn, a sample of which you can see on the left. I know I rarely buy yarn but I couldn’t resist this. It will be perfect for a hat to go with my winter parka. Neota Designs offers gorgeous handwoven items which you need to see to really appreciate. For the knitter, there is handpainted yarn. My favorite was the alpaca and since leaving, I have an idea for using some of the handpainted yarn with some handspun for a multicolor sweater. For those of you who don’t spin, she also has natural colored alpaca yarn that would complement the handpainted selection nicely. Hmmm…. Ideas are flourishing in my head. For more information, you can visit her website at

Naturally, I continued working on fibery projects. You can see the progress on the handspun socks to the right. I did quite a bit of knitting by candle lantern as I sat up late being serenaded by a lovelorn Murray and the occasional pack of coyote enjoying the meadow near our campsite. The three candle lantern gave off just enough light to knit by and just enough heat to keep my hands warm as I sat at the little camper table.

The winter survival socks featured in the Aug. 9 blog beat out commercial Smartwools for keeping my feet toasty around the campsite. We had some frost while we were there, so these sturdy socks were tested.

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