Sunday, October 18, 2009

Knit n' nap

Being under the weather for the past few days fighting off the latest seasonal crud has caused me to develop a new crafting skill, the “knit n’ nap.” This is where the avid knitter cuddles up in a comfy chair with a cup of hot tea and a nice project and intersperses sips of tea, with a few rounds of knitting and a whole lot of napping. I pretty much snoozed and knit for a good part of three days and looking at what I accomplished, I did mostly snoozing.

I think knitting is a good sick day activity because it is so soothing, and, as long as your project isn’t too complicated, very good for dosing off. I don’t recommend lace projects which might keep you awake. The idea mostly is to get plenty of rest.

I didn’t get much done this week. The picture above is the project I am working on currently—and I was doing the sleeves in my half-waking state. It’s all plain stitch down from the shoulders and fortunately, I had already started it last Sunday so the “hard part” of picking up stitches was done.

The project is spun from a fleece I purchased at Elihu Farm some years ago, carded and spun into yarn that has been sitting around waiting to be knit. The ram providing the fleece was named Champ, a romeldale cross. It is a lovely soft light moorit fleece and I spun a two ply yarn at 11 wraps per inch. The yarn is shown below.

The sweater will be a traditional Guernsey style inspired by books I have in my library, Patterns for Guernseys, Jersey’s and Arans by Gladys Thompson (Dover Press) and Knitting in the Old Way by Priscilla Gibson Roberts and Deborah Robson (Nomad Press). This is the kind of Guernsey made with simple knit and purl patterns. The sleeves are started from the shoulder and knit down. Gladys Thompson has one particularly lovely Guernsey I want to try someday. It is a good book if you like traditional knitting.

One reader was curious about what happened to my weaving project. Oh, it is still sitting quietly, awaiting threading. Last weekend, I did rewind the warp and added the warp sticks I’d forgotten and also began threading. As I feel better this week, I hope to finish the process and be able to show you some progress.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back next week.

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