Sunday, December 6, 2009

Name that draft

Oh, please! Did Spin-Off Magazine really have to go ahead and start naming drafting techniques? Though I respect the scholarship of the writer, I am also concerned about the long term affect on the spinning community. I cringe at the prospect of sitting in a spinning demonstration and hearing one of those studious types pipe up with “Is that English or American Long Draw?”

Spinning is essentially an "unvented" craft, to apply a concept developed by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It was an art nearly lost to mechanization and refound and continues to be found by spinners everywhere as they experiment and explore the craft. Do we really as a community want to pigeonwhole all the possible drafts? Are we ready for this kind of codification of our communal knowledge? Do we really want to learn all those names?

Just in case we do, and since Spin-Off has decided to begin naming drafts, I thought Whorlwindweaver would jump on the bandwagon and do some of her own naming. The draft above is the Midwest Pinch and Release Long Draw (MPRLD). Above, I demonstrate the release, and below the pinch while drafting back. As you can see below it really goes a long way—right out of the frame in fact.
This is not to be confused with the Big Apple Pinch and Release Vertical Long Draw (BAPRVLD), which I will demonstrate at a later date. It is an adaptive measure for people spinning in confined areas, such as a small New York apartment. Another one to be demonstrated in the future is the Lorna Short Smooth Release Draw (LSSRD), which is a useful and not yet cataloged draft that produces lovely yarns. Along with this, I’ll demonstrate the Whorlwindweaver Short Smooth Release Draw for Really Thin Yarns (WSRDRTY).

To maintain optimum confusion, all drafts should be referred to by their acronyms. So I expect the studious among us to pipe up with, “Are you sure that’s LSSRD? I thought WSRDRTY included the over hand position!” Well, maybe she’s right, how would I remember?

Thank you for visiting my blog. There will be a quiz next week!


  1. Carolyn Dymit (CD that is)December 6, 2009 at 4:46 PM

    LOL - - - Well Done!!!!! (WD)


  2. Hey is that LSSRD for Me????

    I had an inkling after our conversation about drafts (and not the beer kind) that it would appear at somepoint on your blog!

    Can't wait for another spin night!