Thursday, December 24, 2009

Special Delivery

Santa has gotten smart. Now, he has everything delivered to our house ahead of time, so I can just put the boxes under our tree. This way he can concentrate on getting his sled around to all the little kids. But what kind of bothered me was the return address on my present, the Pro-Chem and Dye Company! Hello? Shouldn't it say North Pole?

Naturally, I had to get in contact with Santa to find out what is going on. Is he outsourcing, or what? Fortunately, my dog is from the northern regions, so he jumped on his Pawberry and immediately put me in contact with the jolly old guy. We were invited to his home base in northern Finland (they are reindeer, not caribou) just north of the Artic Circle.

When I asked about the return address, he took me on a tour of his workshops. They are pretty awesome! A woodworkers dream! Lathes, beautiful woods, fun paints. He also has an entire room filled with hand looms for making cloth for all the dolls and stuffed toys. There's also a pottery shop for making pretty doll faces. But still I was confused about the return address, so I asked Santa.

"Do you see facilities for making X-boxes or plasma televisions sets?" Santa said with a twinkle in his eye. Well, no, I didn't. "We're pretty low tech up here. Some would say we're green, but I like to think of it as red," he added with a Ho! Ho! Ho! He led the way back to the house were Mrs. Claus was serving hot cider to a bunch of local knitters who were helping her get the holiday gifts done in time.

And over a cup of cider Santa explained how he has help making Christmas a magical time. "Most of our toys are made from wood or cloth--we don't deal with plastics or electronics. But we have helpers all over the world working to make Christmas bright. Moms and Dads help me out by getting lots of presents ready, and for those who can't, we have people who buy presents for me. Thousands of volunteers help bring Christmas magic to little girls and boys, by either buying toys or handmaking special gifts for children they know and those they don't. I know the knitters have been especially busy this year making wonderful things to send far and near."

I asked Santa if he wanted to say anything to all the knitters out there, working to make the holidays bright.

"Why Merry Christmas, of course."

Thanks for visiting my blog. And oh, I finished that sweater. See you next year!

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