Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bad ply day

Plied yarn should be a thing of beauty. The yarn should be like a string of pearls, lustrous, round and intriguing to knit. It doesn’t turn out like this all the time. Like styling hair, there are days the ply turns out limp, uneven and uninteresting: a bad ply day. Just such a yarn is shown below.
Can this yarn be saved? Yes. I unply and then reply the yarn. This is a simple procedure. I run the yarn through again in the opposite direction to unply it so I am pretty much winding two strands onto my bobbin. Then I take the bobbin off the wheel and reply it. Naturally, I do the replying on a good ply day. Below is a picture of the unplied yarn.
For me, the main ingredient to producing a good ply is to not feel rushed. To take my time to make sure I keep the twist full and even so I can get the kind of yarn I love to knit, or weave. It is as simple as that.
So don’t be satisfied with a plied yarn that doesn’t inspire you. Take the time to do it right—to unply and reply so you have it what you want. Some people may counsel to skip the step of unplying, and just run it through the wheel again. But if you really want a nice yarn, the unply step is worth the effort. This is after all a hobby, and therefore fun, so it is worth the time to eschew shortcuts and craft something beautiful.
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  1. how very interesting. And reassuring :)
    I wonder why the unplying is do with memory you think? Should the singles rest a while after unplying? You did so and the result is good.