Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coming Clean

Inspired by a friend in my Ravelry based knitting group Down along the Ridge, I am posting all my stash on Ravelry. I know I was going to talk about weaving discoveries today, but seeing Lorna post all her umpteen skeins of sock yarn on her stash page, I feel I should make an effort towards coming clean about all the fleece and yarn I have.

The first step to true destashing is to get a handle on just how much is there. I'm doing this in a public way in the friendly, fiber minded world of Ravelry. It also is a great way to get organized and to manage my ideas. I can log into my Ravelry notebook and see what I have to work with.

If you are a Raveler, you can visit my page and see the ongoing effort. So far I've cataloged fleece and yarn in my downstairs workshop. I still need to work on the upstairs closet but it is a start! I've spent several hours organizing the closet, found two big bags to throw out or give await. This has allowed me to fit three more large fiber buckets into the closet. I'm sure that once I get going with the upstairs closet, even more buckets will disappear.
I'm posting random pictures of representative stash. From the top is Flax roving and yarn, Wensleydale rug yarn, and finally Shetland in two natural colors. Thanks for visiting my blog. Please stop by next week!

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