Friday, January 1, 2010

Taming the Abominable Stash-Monster

The New Year is here: a blank canvas of days, weeks, months to fill with good intentions and plans for self-improvement. Unfortunately, there is nothing blank about my stash closets. They are crammed full of fleece.
The only blank look is when the closet doors are closed—if you can get to the doors. There are plastic stash buckets stacked two deep and four high in front of the downstairs workshop and my upstairs studio in nearly blocked because I’m running out of room for all the bags of carded fleece!
What have I done?
This is absolutely ridiculous!

So I embark on a destashing journe. This year, I will make a dent in my stash and I won’t buy more fleece than I’ve spun. In fact, I will limit myself to three fleeces! No, really. Honest! Plus, since I’m a member of Ravelry’s Spin Your Stash, I won’t be buying anything until after the first day of spring.

I’m also a member of the 5K Stash down, where we all try to spin/knit 5 K (about 5,500 yards worth) of stash. Since I have sooo much, I want to do 5K each of spinning and knitting.

Here are my plans via the “pentathlon” theme of my website . To accomplish the goals I will need to card/dye/spin and knit or weave lots and lots of fleece. The overall goal is to be able to fit all my stash in the closets.
I will keep in short and spare you gruesome details like the yarn I spun in 2000 and have yet to knit, or the flax roving from the 90’s.
1. Knitting: at least six sweaters, including Kinsale, Bebenhausen Windows , and Aran of my own design and Mrs. Laidlaw’s pattern, all from handspun. Naturally, there will be assorted small articles: socks, hats etc.
2. Spinning: fleece for sweaters and assorted items. Many pounds for rug weaving.
3. Carding: 99% of the spinning stuff will be hand carded from fleece. I will probably blend my finer fleeces the Cormos and Romeldales with alpaca, silk, bamboo or tencel—all of which inhabit my stash closets.
4. Dyeing: as needed for projects.
5. Weaving: Two long floor runners, towels, placemats and festive Christmas gift towels.
That stash is going down! I will beat the abominable stash monster oozing and overflowing from my closets. Though I won’t ever go back to the long lost days when my stash filled only one closet, I will look forward to rooms free of plastic buckets.
Besides the 5K Stash Down and Spin Your Stash, I plan to join every Ravelry opportunity to use stash: Ravelympics, the Tour de Fleece and any other challenge that will push me to tame the abominable stash monster. To keep me on track with sweaters, I further joined Intswemodo 2010. I don’t know if I can knit twelve with all the weaving, but I sure can try. In fact, if you hear of anymore stash busting groups, let me know!

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