Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finish Line & Check it out.

Knitting a sweater in two weeks has been a challenge, and though I made it across the finish line huffing and puffing and had I been on skis I would have fallen on my face in the snow from exhaustion, I enjoyed it. The best part was watching those long distance skiiers skate along while I was in an easy chair doing my competition. Ha!

The sweater is shown here. It is based on the every popular Owls sweater, but I've added a second design to give me a more traditional fit, which I like. I've decided not to do buttons. Instead, I might find some beads to use as eyes, maybe flattened discs of tiger's eye. Perhaps I'll find something to decorate the diamonds in the yoke. We'll see.

Thanks for visiting my blog! See you next week!

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