Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ravelympic Dreams

Can I make it? Can I knit an entire sweater during the time of the Olympics? Many of us Ravelers--thousands in fact--are doing similar challenges. We are collectively pushing our crafting skills to the limit, to meet personal challenges and goals.

We have all done our prep work: For instance, I chose a sweater made with bulky yarn. I happen to have quite a bit in my stash spun from a Corriedale fleece I purchased at Rhinebeck back in 1999 and finished spinning in 2000-20001. It qualifies as well-seasonsed stash for my team, the 5KStashdown.

But can I knit an entire sweater in two weeks? Like many of you, this is my first Ravelympics and I've given myself a pretty big challenge. As you can see above, I've made some progress. I've knit an entire skein and am onto my next one. I'm doing the Owls sweater, but I have had to redesign it a bit to fit my body and lifestyle, neither of which is fond of negative ease. It will be nice though. I may add a diamond motif after the owls. I dont' know yet, we shall see as the Ravelympics continues.

I hope all of you are going along well with your Ravelympic challenges. Best wishes and thank you for the time you've taken to visit my blog. Knit and spin merely on!

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