Monday, March 15, 2010

Angora Explosion

Ever increasing in my stash is the fine, luxury fiber Angora. This is because my sister-in-law from Maine has added backyard bunnies to her backyard chickens and has been sending me envelopes filled with lovely fiber. Now that bunnies Alice and Albert have hooked up, so to speak, we are expecting an explosion of backyard bunnies in all different angora natural colors. Alice, you can see below, is a sublime chocolate color. Albert is grey and has an interesting natural-color-filled bloodline.
Bunny fluff is wonderfully soft and produces a yarn that glows with a halo of delicate fiber. Running ones hands through a pile of fiber, such as that shown below is an experience in silky softness all its own. It also takes dye differently than wool, so a blend with wool can have a naturally heathery look.
The pink, though, is dyed all alone with differing shades due to the natural color of the fluff. This I will soon be sending through the carder with some purple to see what happens. Expect to see lots more about Angora both here and on my website WhorlWindWeaver very soon.
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  1. I am sooooooooooooo jealous :) Lovely Lovely!!