Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Blooms of Spring

Spring offered up its first bloom Tuesday, a crocus planted on a drizzly October morning. Like the flower, my latest hanks of handspun yarn are the fruits of labor that began in Fall and continued through winter to bloom as usable yarn in spring. Last weekend I was spinning the last pound of fleece to meet my Spin Your Stash Ravelry group challenge. The yarn is from two Shetland fleeces dyed in my Purple Meltdown colorway and destined to be the Purple Meltdown Cable sweater which will be knit to meet the IntSweMoDo2010 challenge—you know, 12 sweaters in 12 months.

Yes. WhorlWindWeaving has its moments.

I filled two bobbins Sunday and finished carding the fleece. On Monday, I plyed using the Lendrum’s handy giant bobbin creating a 9.5 oz. skein. With just six batts to go after that, I was sure to meet the Spring Equinox Spin Your Stash deadline.

This isn’t bulky weight, but a nice worsted weight for cable knitting. I have the sweater all figured out, a design I came up with years ago and have been ever meaning to spin the yarn for and knit it. What’s next? I can’t decide which project to put on my carder. Should I blend natural brown cotton and bamboo for summer spinning, or should I forge ahead with the fingering weight yarn for the Kinsale I want to knit? I have the fleece for that project all picked and ready to card. Which shall I pick?
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