Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bamboo and Samoyed Spinning Help

After six months of preparation, there's always a bit of a let down after giving a workshop.  Maybe not a let down so much as an, "Okay, so what's next?" I'm seriously thinking of beginning a complete study of angora rabbit fluff.

My presentation to the Illinois Prairie Spinners on Saturday went well and you can find the workshop notes on my website at  I gather useful tips and techniques from this blog and turn them into articles for my website.  It's becoming a book of sorts, a compendium of spinning, knitting and weaving knowledge organized in a more accessible, easy-to-find-things-in format.

In the workshop I introduced my technique of "spinning from the clump" which varies from all the stripping and other techniques often taught with roving.  Clump spinning allows me to better utilize the "drafting triangle" that vital space between fiber supply and twist where you begin to determine the thickness of your yarn.  I attempted to capture this in the above photo, but Baxter, my Samoyed friend, decided he needed to help.  Though this is not the best picture of the process, cuteness drove this editorial decision.  Down the road I will do a blog just on spinning roving and try for a better picture.  Maybe if I gave him a Frosty Paw first?  That would keep him busy long enough for a  photo!

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  1. Love your spinning! Your Samoyed is beautiful too! You are quite the talent, spinning, weaving, knitting ......