Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blog Redux

Life happened and blogging lagged behind. So did knitting, spinning, weaving, carding, dyeing--the whole collection of craftsteading activities—slowed to a crawl. About the only thing that’s grown is my garden which, thanks to plenty of rain, has done well.

Shown above is my own lettuce. There is nothing quite as tasty as the produce of one’s own garden. Someday, I’d like to spin garden grown fibers. Below, is a picture of a milkweed plant I'm growing. Its stalks are said to contain a bast fiber. I saved some of the old stalks from last winter to check out. I’ll be talking about that experiment later this summer.

If the experiment does pan out, this could be the perfect thing to grow. Milkweed is a native perennial that provides food for butterflies. It would fit well into my desire for a sustainable fiber source that favors native plant communities and by extension, native fauna. Milkweed are associated with the lovely monarch butterfly.

Ravelry’s Tour de Fleece started this weekend and I am making progress on my challenge: spinning 24 oz. of gold colored bamboo and a couple of pounds of fine wool into two ply fingering weight yarns. These challenges are part of my long term goal to reduce stash to manageable levels. Naturally, I signed up for the Stashbusters team. I am also on Teams Schacht (on which I spin the wool) and Lendrum (bamboo) and because I have over-ambitious goals team CrankyPants. Yes, I’ll be cranky AND wearing pants as I spin all these fine singles.

I plan to blog more frequently, especially with the Tour de Fleece going on. So thank you for visiting my blog. Please stop by again. And don’t forget my website:

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