Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cleaning House

Resisting the draw of the brand new Chapin Creek Fiber Festival in Franklin Grove, Illinois, I am staying home to clean house.  Franklin Grove is a picturesque little town and their historic area is lovely.  I'm sure this first ever fiber festival will be excellent, but I can't buy anything because I have far too much stash and the clutter in my house is building up.  I would just be one of those people who paws products and doesn't by anything, so why annoy the vendors?

I'm getting rid of things and putting together yet another haul over to Goodwill or the recycling pile.  Getting rid of stuff for me is completely therapeutic and keeps my house from looking like one of those places in that cable-TV show about hoarders.  I'll also be selling some extra books and magazines on Ravelry with the money going to benefit Ravelry and Northern Illinois Samoyed Assistance--where I got the dog who stars as my Ravatar.  There will be more about that later.

Good news, I've started spinning the last big bile of batts for my sheep to sweater project.  I'm also working on a gauge sample.  Hurray!

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