Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sluggish Run at the Tour

Nearly 1500 yards of yarn and only two skeins to show for it, which I guess is what I should expect from deciding to spin fingering weight for Ravelry's annual Tour de Fleece.  And the skeins are big--about 8 ounces each because they were plied on that big Lendrum bobbin.

So far, my run at the tour has been sluggish.   Progress seems slow because the spinning is so thin, and I've been late to posting because there is so little to show.  It took me days to ply and then skein. Good thing I joined Team CrankyPants because if winding a 900 yard skein isn't cause for some real crankiness, well I can't think what could be.

 Next year, it's worsted weight or bulky so I can fly through it and not have to stand there turning a nitty noddy for an hour wondering if I've lost count of the yards. Nevertheless, progress is being made, stash is being busted and some day I'll be able to open the closets in my craft rooms without anything tumbling out.

I have managed to rearrange my fleeces so they fit in the closets and now have only two plastic buckets on the outside in the lower room instead of stacks reaching to the ceiling.  I've also posted all of my stash on Ravelry, so I've "come clean" so to speak.  Now to see how much more I can spin up.

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