Sunday, July 25, 2010

Two-thousand Yards!

Plying took up many hours on this last day of the Tour.  Stashbusting went well and I used up more than 1.5 pounds of fleece creating the three big 8 oz. skeins shown.  One in still on the bobbin because I like to let the yarn rest at least overnight.  I will wind it off tomorrow and get the yardage, but I'm guessing it will yield about 600 yards bringing my total yardage for the Tour up over 2,000 yards.  Not bad for 23 days! But the pace felt slow, so next year I'll spin worsted weight or bulky so it goes faster!

Plus, I still have a way to go to finish Stashbusing--The gold is bamboo and I have 16 oz. left, and the tan is wool and I have more than a pound carded and ready to go.  That's a lot of spinning!

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