Monday, July 5, 2010


Guess what flew into my milkweed patch?  Yes: a monarch butterfly. I was able to get a photo of it hanging out on a milkweed stalk--please note I am not much of a wildlife photographer! 

I noticed the monarch definitely showed a preference for the milkweed plant. Tossed around in a light breeze it touched down on other native plants, such as coneflower, for only a fraction of a second, but happily relaxed on the milkweed as shown here.  Monarchs lay their eggs on milkweed. Could that be a female?  Could I have tiny monarch caterpillars hatching in few weeks?  That would be very exciting, and I will keep an eye out for eggs. As intrepid wildlife photographer, I'll sneak up on them and catch them in action.

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  1. Wow, it is funny you post a picture of a butterfly. It has been years (literally) since I have seen one and yesterday I saw one flitting across the bike racks outside the station. Weird, huh? I hope they are becoming endangered or anything like that :S.

  2. I've found I don't notice things until I start thinking about them and looking for them. It worked that way for me with birding.