Sunday, September 26, 2010


Enjoying every stitch, I'm making progress on my Sheep to Wool Sweater.  This Alice Starmore Kinsale is being knit with my own handspun, a two-ply at 14 WPI.  I purchased the raw fleece in August of 2009 and hope to complete a sweater by Thanksgiving. The pattern is enjoyable, though it took a bit to get the hang of it. I was unknitting rows at first, but now I've reached the point where I "get" the pattern so knitting is very enjoyable.

I'm way behind on those mittens I showed you a few weeks ago.  I misplaced my directions so I've been looking at what I've already knit to figure out each row. Not quite as relaxing as the Starmore, but they will get done.

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  1. That is beautiful but I suspect the recipient will be my brother. Good color for him.