Sunday, September 19, 2010

Surprise at my doorstep

A care package from my sister-in-law in Maine came at about the same time I realized I didn't have enough yarn to finish the green socks and would need to spin some more.  The box contained some of her farmette-grown organic garlic, some of her bunny fluff and chiengora from my dog's girlfriend Freya.  Talk about good delivery mojo!

Right now a few cloves of her Maine garlic are being cooked with some Wisconsin-grown organic potatoes to make garlic mashed potatoes, the angora is drying on a rack and the Freya fluff is awaiting my skill in weaving to improve.  All in all, it is great to have such excellent additions to my stash.

I also received my copy of the new and much-awaited expanded edition of Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting and I still scratch my head and ask:  Why didn't I buy it back then?  Duh? I also purchased Urban Homesteader so some day I'll be sending organic garlic to Maine!  Well, maybe not.  Maybe spun and knit angora?  I'm looking forward to growing lovely looking veggies in my front yard.

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  1. Ah! It is so nice to find surprises at your door step. At the mention of garlic mashed potatoes I started to drool ^_^ (and it is 8am here!) I think I know what I am making for dinner tonight.