Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Apples of my eye

These apples where the result of Office Foraging.
Urban Homesteader, an excellent book, talks about urban foraging--the practice of picking fruit from public greenways--you know that strip down the middle of the road that is often planted.  The authors grow vegetables in the strip in front of their house, not something I would do though I might grow pole beans over my mailbox.  Anyhow, after reading this, I started eyeing apple trees on the way home through my suburb, wondering if I could talk my husband into helping me pick the fruit so I could make apple butter. 

Fortunately, I discovered something even better than urban foraging: office foraging.  That beautiful bag of apples shown above was excess from a co-worker's parents who happen to have a hobby orchard.  So I was able to make apple butter without climbing a ladder.  I just had to lug a full shopping bag down to my car.

Those apples were delicious, by the way . I saved a few out to eat for lunch.  And the apple butter is excellent.  I brought a pot load (literally) home and cooked it down to 1/3 with lots of cinnamon.  Yum. Most of it is in the freezer, with one container left out for immediate consumption.
Finishing these socks was postponed when I ran out of yarn.  I quickly spun some more.

I also finally finished the green bamboo/merino socks and I'm looking forward to the temperature dropping so I can wear them.  Or maybe I'll just wear them tomorrow.  I'd like to get a sock wardrobe going, but with everything else I'm doing, it's not happening too soon.

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