Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finishing frenzy

I finished these mitts, but perhaps I went to fast.
Rushing to finish a project has been a weakness of mine, and this is best seen in the thumb of the mittens above, which I'm not showing of course.  Trying to finish up, I made the final thumb a tad too small, which means I'll be undoing and  redoing it.  Which means that technically they aren't finished.

This kind of final push can ruin projects, especially when I'm spinning.  Usually, the yarn gets thicker the more pressed I feel to reach my goal.  It is something I'm learning to control. I remind myself the process is what is important, the joy and calm of spinning and knitting.  None of my projects really ever go "fast" and these leftover yarn mittens are probably the quickest "idea to finished object" thing I can do--mainly because the yarn is spun.  So much starts from a fleece and builds outward.

So tomorrow, I'll be picking out some stitches and fixing that thumb. A bother, but also a way to bring the lesson home so maybe I'll remember not to do it next time.

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