Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wheat has a flavor

A Cormo fleece was dyed two shades and then blended to make this batt.
For years, wheat was this bland thing I made taste better by adding ingredients like maple syrup or cinnamon to my bread and cocoa to my cookies.  Last Saturday my electric wheat grinder arrived at my doorstep and I ran several cups of organic wheat berries through it.  Surprise! Wheat does have a flavor.

Lately, I had been noticing an odd sharp flavor in my store bought pre-ground wheat, which is why I decided to go ahead and buy a flour mill.  It is a logical extension to all the hand processing I do with wool. Why not process my food too?  I bought an electric one, since I read that wheat can be tough to grind by hand.

The flavor of freshly ground wheat is mild and sweet.  It's a flavor not present in even the best quality flour.  I liken the flavor to the difference between buying fresh-from-the-cow milk vs. homogenized store milk.  The flavor finds its way into the bread too! It is really quite delicious.

The picture at the top is my latest carding project, which of course turns into a spinning project etc.  I dyed four pounds of Cormo wool from a sheep named Rachel. One-half lilac, the other half is Raspberry and now I'm blending the two fifty/fifty to make the batts shown.  I just started spinning and I think I'm going to go for a light fingering weight wool.  Yes, I'll be doing this FOREVER.  The batts alone will take time--think .8 ounce batts.  I have 64 ounces of picked fiber which means I'll be making 80 batts!  This is the kind of thing that makes me w wish arithmetic wasn't so final with its answers. I wonder how many yards I will end out with?

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