Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bah Humbug!

This is yarn for some rugs I was making.  Unfortunately, I spun while watching TV and my loss of concentration shows.
No Christmas knitting for me this year: I'm just too far behind on my projects.  I'm still millimetre-ing  along on the Kinsale sweater I hoped to have done by Thanksgiving, and I haven't even begun weaving rugs I've been planning for a year. 

Above is my second bobbin of the last color needed for my rug project. I tried to rush and spin while watching TV and I'm not too happy with the results--which demonstrates my need to take time and focus.  Fortunately, this is a three ply yarn, so the unevenness can work it's way out through the next bobbin I fill. As you can see in my last blog, I don't even have one skein done toward a sweater for my SIL.  Everything is going very slow plus this is yarn I definitely don't want to rush.  I'd like it to come out nice and even for a top-notch sweater.

Rather than trying to dash off some quick projects in time for the holidays, I've decided to maintain my focus and continue the projects I have.  I don't like having more than two or three projects going at a time, so this makes sense for me. This will also allow me to maintain my latest practice of only knitting for maybe a half-hour at a time and not multitasking while I spin. It leaves me time to make some headway into learning to weave.  Perhaps if my next kitchen towel project works out, I'll have a few gifts for next year.

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  1. That's a really neat photograph. I wish I knew anything about spinning!