Monday, November 8, 2010

Goodbye, Cruel Warp!

Cutting off this lousy warp was a relief. It had a lot of problem.
Just minutes ago, I gave myself permission to cut a troublesome warp off my loom.  I had started another towel when I discovered even more broken warp strings leaving even bigger gaps in the weaving.  Time to cut my losses quite literally.  As you can see, my scissors made easy work of it.
This is a tnagle of broken warps on the lease sticks.
It was a good thing.  You see the snarl above, those are all broken warp threads.  I had started weaving this on my table loom, but then decided to abandon the project when I realized the web was all tangled.  I was going to throw the warp away when I discovered it wasn't as tangled as I thought. I was able to salvage it because the crosses were still tied and  put it on my floor loom.  As it would happen, as I wound on the warp, I ran into another issue which caused many, many of the threads to snap, and so now it is about 17 inches wide. 
Problems with the warp show up in the nearly finished item.

Despite all this, I manged to weave a few towels, four in all, use up some of the yarn that came with the loom and learn quite a bit.  Sure, the towels are a imperfect.  In fact , they scream "I'm a mess" but still, it was fun.  I'm already planning a "next time" for my kitchen towels: a twill pattern with colorful stripes.  These are coming soon to a blog near you.

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