Sunday, November 21, 2010

Slow Cloth

Sustainable living includes the concept of Slow Food as apposed to fast food.  We used to just call it home cooking.  Hand in hand comes Slow Cloth, something hand made from scratch.  In this case I started from a freshly shorn fleece and worked up from there.  I've washed, picked and carded and spun the yarn and now I'm a the final stage: knitting.

You can see the work in progress above.  I'm doing Alice Starmore's Kinsale design, which requires fingering weight yarn ,and a tight gauge.  This is taking forever to knit.  Perhaps it should be renamed Snail Cloth. But the work itself is enjoyable.  It just won't be done in time for Thanksgiving.  Christmas perhaps.

The purple yarn on my Schacht is my next fleece to sweater project.  I had hope to be much further along, but below is all I have despite having started the project last month and keeping after it.  Slow Cloth indeed.