Monday, December 27, 2010

Beating the Stash?

The ceiling high double stack of stash buckets has been reduced to just two outside my downstairs closet. 
If you remember around this time last year, I posted a picture of my out-of-control stash pile.  I was able to get this all under control.  Not by some amazing feats of spinning, or by my ability to resist the lure of a new fleece.  I rearranged my closet.  Yep, that was it.  Apparently, my stash wasn't very well organized and now it is.  And it is posted on Ravelry.

Posting it all was itself an amazing feat.  I posted the 100th on a couple of days ago.  Above you can see the a photo of the two remaining buckets left outside the closet.  Yes, only two. And yes, I'm a little bit amazed myself.  But there is more to do.  I'm working on my resolutions for next year.  I'll be posting in a few days and I'm also curious to know what you my readers are thinking for your resolutions.

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