Thursday, December 30, 2010

Resolution #1: Sell a loom

It's time to downsize my loom collection and let this one go.
What is the difference between enough and too much?  This really depends and I'm going to keep my discussion of this topic to the world of crafting.  With two closets crammed full of fleece, I think I can safely say that I have enough and probably too much fleece.  This I can remedy by using it up and by not buying any new fleece until then.

But what do I do about floor looms? I started with a 36 inch counterbalance loom until I a saw a 60 inch jack type loom that I couldn't live without.  So I purchased it and crammed it into my house.  At the time, I didn't have the heart yet to part with my original loom, pictured both above and on the front page of my website.  I was sure I could put both to use.

My personal assistant is helping me disassemble my loom.
Who was I kidding? There is only one me, and since I also like to spin and knit, how much time can I possibly spend weaving?  I realised I had to make a choice and since I'm not going to give up the dream of weaving throws that sparked my purchase of the wide room, I decided to sell the small one.  It is solid and sturdy and nicely weaves rugs as can be seen in the picture on my website.

This week, I went ahead and disassembled it.  One of the nice thing about Leclerc's is that they can be taken apart and can put back together.  It essentially becomes a pile of lumber making it easy to transport.  This was especially good since I decided to move my big loom upstairs.  We took that all apart too and right now, I'm putting it back together in the bright little room that held its predecessor.  I'll call that room my studio.  The table and carder that had been up there are being moved downstairs to what has become my workshop.  It makes a lot more sense, much better feng shui. I definitely don't feel so crowded.

The loom breaks down into a pile of pieces making it easy to move.
Stuff shouldn't crowd our lives.  Once we let that happen we've moved from enough to too much.  Now with my dedicated studio (loom room) and my uncrowded workshop I feel lighter, free.  I like sitting at my partially assembled loom and look at the peacefulness of the surrounding space.  I will be putting an ad up for it in a week or so on Ravelry's Warped Weavers Marketplace and probably on the Spinners and Weavers Housecleaning pages and some guild websites with all the details.

So what are you all doing for New Year's Resolutions?  Please let me know!

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