Saturday, January 8, 2011

Putting the pieces together

My big loom is being reassembled in it's new sunny location.
Early this Saturday morning, I was staring at the treadle gizmo on my loom trying to remember how to do the tie up.  Just a year ago, it was so straightforward, easy-peasy. Now, I might as well have been holding a rubric cube or trying to translate an alien language.

Fortunately, my thinking muscle relaxed enough for me to deconstruct what was there and backtrack into figuring out what to do.  A cup of coffee helped.  As you know, I'm selling one of my looms (the smaller one).  I moved my work tables and carding equipment downstairs to the spare bedroom I'm calling the workshop.  Now my big loom has a place all its own, the studio.

I really like the feel of the loom here. The light in that room is fantastic with the south facing window and the white painted walls.  It is really a nice place to create.  As I sit on the bench in the filtered sunlight, I dream of all the things I can make, imagining my warp taught and perfect stretching out, the weft filling in with bright colors.  I want to make some really amazing things.

I'm really happy with the towels I made. Despite the warping disaster, they are very functional and absorbent.  I've been using a couple of them and just today finished tying off the fringe of the last one.  As they come out of the washer, they are a little small, but still usable.  Next time, I won't make these mistakes and they'll make great gifts.

Another thing delaying the rebuilding of my loom is all the cooking I've been doing.  I love to cook, and now I'm making a conscious decision to do more of my own cooking and less processed-prepackaged food.  I'm even making warm lunches to take to work.  This also takes a lot of time, but like weaving, spinning and knitting, it is enjoyable, creative and meditativetime .  So that is my resolution #3, to change my diet to "slow food."

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