Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolution #2: Stop buying fleece (mostly)

Using a sense of feeling crowded as my guide, I've come to the conclusion that I should stop buying fleece.  Since I need to wear a helmet to protect me from falling objects every time I open the door to one of my stash closets,  I can classify that as crowded.  I also have the odds and ends of bags and buckets of yarn and fleece under my work table, so I have to admit: enough!

I can probably exist for a decade on what I have.  Add to this the realities of life--working for a living, and other interests like cooking from scratch and gardening, I can easily extend the life of my stash by another five years.  I think saying that I won't buy until spring is a bit of a cop out because, as we all know, fleece buying season really starts in spring.  But considering I had thought of buying some  bamboo processed like flax, I think stopping myself until April would be a smart thing to do.  And with that resolution, I will buy only three (in case of roving, which I don't buy much of (relatively), it will be enough for one large project or two pairs of socks).  So that is it.  Can I hold myself too this knowing my capricious fleece buying capability?  We will see..

What is everyone else cooking up for resolutions?  Feel free to share in the comments section!

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  1. I made my year's resolution here. I'm also going to try and do at least 4oz of spinning each month as part of a "12 projects in 12 months" spin-a-long. all of that together should make a sizable dent in my backlog!