Sunday, January 9, 2011

Win Organic Top

This organic cotton will go to whoever will give it a good home.
I'm looking for a new home for about eight ounces of red-brown, naturally colored, organic combed cotton top. Just leave a note on this blog saying why and I'll pick a new home for this fiber from the respondents. (Hint: lighthearted is best!) I'll mail it to the winner.  I'm slowly going threw my stash and finding thing that would be better off in other people's hands.  I purchased this cotton about two or three years ago from the Little Barn booth at the Midwest Fiber Festival.  I brought it home, spun a few yards worth of single and remembered why I don't really like spinning cotton.  But I know there are plenty of you out there who do, so please post a comment and let me know!

Giving away some of my excess stash is resolution #4.


  1. I love to spin cotton. Hope I win this.

  2. My resolution was to lose weight. I don't know of our resolutions is would be like giving away a child if I gave away stash.

  3. I've wanted to start spinning cotton,and I think this is a very pretty color.

  4. I realized this week that I'm almost out of fiber! I would love this cotton because it is organic, and the color is beautiful.

  5. I'd love to spin this cotton, because it looks like the exact color of the hair my dog sheds, and keeping my dog's hair out of my spinning/fiber/yarns is like trying to keep him from barking at everything that moves! So it'd be well-hidden, and I think I could still call it "organic" because I do not add anything to my dog to get his fur to grow...

  6. I just bought my first tahkli spindle for spinning cotton. I'd love to try working with some of this beautiful colored cotton! Summer spinning would be fun with this!

  7. I love to spin cotton. I also have one spinning student who is enthralled with cotton so I loaned her my liten spindel (Babe charkha) and shared my stash of acala cotton. I'm sure she would be as thrilled as me with that lovely red-brown cotton!

  8. I'm learning to spin cotton. Right now my efforts all sort of look like turds from a tiny cat. Brown cotton would add verisimilitude to this illusion.

    Truly a beautiful color and a great offer :)

  9. well I've never spun cotton, so trying something new would be grand. Trying something new that was a free gift? even better...

    although I did laugh about the organic nature of a previous poster's dog hair...I'd still be thrilled to have a chance...thanks!

  10. It's such a lovely color! I would love a chance to give cotton a try!

  11. I would love to try spinning cotton! My 4yr old has to wear all cotton due to eczema :-( so she would actually be your recipient, haha!

    How nice of you to give this away! What a refreshing attitude these days!!!

  12. Cotton is my favorite fiber. It's warm, and breathable, and it's my favorite fiber to make wearables for my kids. I've never spun before, but I'd look forward to the opportunity. My local yarn store offers classes, and it would be a real treat to meet with other local spinners. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Hello from Ohio! I am so excited to find your blog. I have been raising Pygora goats for the last two years, have entered a couple competitions with raw fleece and have done pretty well - NOW to learn what to do with this fleece. My husband was wonderful and gave me an Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel for Christmas. I hooked up with an acquaintance and will begin spinning lessons next Friday. She suggested beginning with wool before trying Pygora so I did get some from Etsy. I would LOVE to have this cotton so I could work with her and learn how to spin cotton also. Your blog is now on my favorites and I do hope to be able to spin this lovely cotton.

  14. Hey there! found your site through homesteaders forum on ravelry. I wouldn't mind taking that cotton for a spin!

  15. Hi,

    I want to learn to spin cotton
    but have none to try technique on.

    This year, for me, is about making do;
    Less is more; I reduce and reuse too.

    This would be a stash enhancement
    without having to spend a cent.

    If I won your stash,
    I'd make it last.

    Thanks for considering me,

  16. (To the tune Rocky Top)

    Everybody loves that cotton top
    Combed on Little Barn Hill
    Spinnin' half a pound of cotton top
    That would be quite a thrill

    Cotton top, I wish that you'd
    Come to live with me
    Good old Cotton Top...
    From ol' Little Barn Hill
    From ol' Little Barn Hill....

  17. Cotton + me = LOVE!!!!!!!

    ...but sadly I live in europe, can´t ask you to send the cotton on such a big trip over the ocean.

    Tiia (Ravelry)

  18. I'd love to win this beautiful top --

    LaurenS (Ravelry)

  19. Ooh! It looks like caramel. Oodles and oodles of caramel. Oh the fun to be had spinning this up! It's like a sweet treat without the threat of cavities.

    It's also the same shade as my Beago (Beagle/Golden Retriever Mix), Scout. It would be like bringing a sibling home for him.

    The color would also look incredible on my kids after it's spun up and stitched. Kid caramel drizzle!

    Yes, I definitely have a lovely spot for this at my home. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm craving a caramel latte for some reason...

  20. Oo! I'd be happy to receive such yummy fiber, since not only do I love colorgrown cotton (NOM NOM NOM), I also live in Florida.

    And while I have plenty of wool to spin, I have a severe shortage of spinning fiber that can turn into things I can wear more than three months of the year. ;) I have so little that I'm hoarding what I do have, which is in one- and two-ounce bits of different colors.

    But eight ounces is way more than enough to break the hoarding impulse and make me use it. In fact, it might be enough to make me break out the bits and pieces and do something multicolored, thereby reducing your stash AND mine in one fell swoop! ;D

    (I'm basing that prediction, by the way, on the fact that I recently transformed some old stash by combining several ounces of different-colored llama to make yarn for a Capucine hat. But I totally need more cotton fiber than I have to make enough yarn for something I can actually wear. ;))

    And for reference ... I'm Silver on Ravelry.

    Good luck destashing, regardless. :D