Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dashing through the snow

My personal assistant enjoys the powdery snow.

As a rule, you pretty much know you're in for it weather-wise when Jim Cantore is posted to your area.  And so we had one heck of a storm last night, complete with thundersnow--that weird heavy snowfall that includes bashing thunder and crashing lightening.  The wind was howling so loudly with it's 60 mile per hour gusts, it almost drowned the thunder.  Almost.  Looking outside last night was a blur of white in the street lights.  This was a bad storm and we woke up to yet more snow falling thickly in the early morning light.

It was a storm of childhood memory proportions--which means we haven't really had a storm this big since I was a teenager.  By midday, the sun was out, the air was cold and it was time to join the neighbors in the post-blizzard ritual of digging out.  Shoveling took several hours and really taxed my improved fitness level. We are still waiting for the snowplow to reach our street.  I expect quite a pile to dig through tomorrow when it blocks up our driveway.

One of the great things about record breaking snow is that when I'm not shoveling, I'm inside knitting and spinning etc.  This is the first week of the three month Nerd Wars challenge where participants get to show off their nerdiest crafting.  I'm having particular fun with a pair of socks I'm making for the prime number challenge.  I'm knitting cables in prime number multiples.  My cast on was for 13 repeats of a 5 stitch wide pattern (65) which began as a 3/2 rib and is now something quite different.  I'm improvising this as I go, using as many prime numbers as I can, including creating a mini-cable every third row.  This will be fun.  I'll post pictures once it looks like something.

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  1. Baxter looks so happy in the snow. I knew you were in for it when Jim Cantore went to Chicago. I caught the video of him in the thundersnow.