Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hope of Spring

Sub-zero temperatures do not discourage me.  I know the sun is moving higher in the sky each day, the snow will melt, the soil warm and I'll be outside working on my garden.  In the meantime, I can snuggle in my favorite chair warmed by handmade comforters and a nice stack of seed catalogs.

My garden is definitely moving into heirloom varieties this summer.  But I'm doing all this slowly since I am a new gardener and so far my heirloom tomatoes have been a catastrophe.  But I do want to try a zucchini I found in Annie's Heirloom Seeds "coccozelle di Napoli."  A striped heirloom from Naples. I'm a big fan of Italian cooking, so I'm a big sucker for any vegetable with an Italian name.  I really wanted to try their "Cosse Violetta Pole Bean" but they were out when I ordered.

I did order their Merlo Nero Spinach and Purple Sprouting Broccoli.  I use spinach and broccoli regularly in my cooking and I wish I could have some fresh right away. The seeds just came earlier this week and I'm thinking of getting a few started real early. 

I'm thinking cold frame.  Will it work? Can I do it?  The back or our house has a sunny southern exposure which should be ideal according to the Rodale book I got for Christmas.  So, I'm trolling the Internet for cold frames right now.  Yes, I know we could build one from old windows and wood scraps cheaply, but I'm a suburbanite and I want to do the suburban thing and buy one.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.


  1. Good luck with the cold frames; I'm hoping to start a winter garden next fall.

  2. Baker Creek Heirloom seeds
    Do try them. Had the best tomatoes last year, still trying to remember the variety.

  3. I hope you are right that spring is coming! Can't tell it today.

    Last year, Costco had some nice cold frames. I think they came in around the first of March so you might check there if you're a member. If not, several of us Weds night knitters are, so we can assist if needed.