Sunday, March 13, 2011

Suburban gal

Broccoli getting a head start.
Tina Fey, in an autobiographical article in the March 14 New Yorker, described herself as an "obedient white girl from the suburbs."  The label struck a chord.  Here I am nestled in my upscale suburb doing all the right things (I am cooking for my elderly relative as I write this)  and my idea of boldly stepping out is planting some ruby chard in my front yard amongst the roses.

Sheesh, what has happened to me and all those youthful dreams? I have a job, of course, but it is not a "career" by a long shot.  It's a dead-end gig that helps shape my days, provides medical insurance and funds my fibers addiction and my quest for sustainable living. I love to write having been a journalist in my earlier manifestation. But, I cringe to admit, I was definitely the obedient white girl from the suburbs back then. No envelope pushing for me.

I blog my suburban middle-aged white gal angst, knowing full well I am just a drop in the bucket of an  over-committed demographic doing the right thing expected of us.  Pictured above is my latest attempt to break that mold.  Okay, not break it, let's say just a tiny chip.  No not even that. Let's say, drop it on the floor so, though it doesn't break, it is weakened just a little bit so maybe the next time it will chip.

My experiment in turning my tidy suburban plot into a suburban farm--baby broccoli I started a few weeks ago. I have tucked them into the cold frame I put up against the back of my house which has the most awesome southern exposure. Will enough heat escape from my house to warm them at night and allow them to survive and eventually flourish?  They are suppose to produce deep purple florets that I hope to sneak into my front yard amongst the daffodils.  I have plenty of seed for fall planting also--a sort of edible aster.

We shall see and I will pick up the dropped mold and move forward.


  1. Woohoo! Congrats on your tiny social upset. :)

    As long as it makes you happy.

  2. I'm so jealous - I would love to be able to start plants this early. I instead have to wait until I can buy full grown ones as our only window gets a Northern exposure. Usually giant parsley and tomatoes are all that will grow.

  3. Hi Lioness: Yep, I'm stepping out of line at a craw! :)
    Concetta: I feel for you with the north facing window--but tomatoes and parsley are a start! We kind of lucked out with our southern exposure, though possibly it was what drew us to the house--why we had a "right" feeling despite the rust colored 70's shag carpet.

  4. talk to dana about her chocolate tomatoes and i grew chocolate peppers last year. my problem in trying to go back to my parents farming roots has been all the tiny hungry vegetable eating animals.

  5. Broccoli florets among the daffodils one day, piggies among the pansies the next! Onwards and upwards I say :)