Saturday, March 5, 2011

Woven Heart Fibers

The next time you see this yarn, there will be tribbles.
Naperville finally has a new yarn store, which is great since we lost three in recent years.  The new one is at 232 Washington, in that little building that once housed one of the yarn stores. I really loved the store! The owner  is an artist an you cans see her unusual knit work all around the stores.

What I love best about the store is that she groups her yarns by color, so you can get all kinds of ideas for making lovely things.  I went in the store originally to get furry yarn for making tribbles for NerdWars but I was amazed at all the lovely yarns she had including some scrumptious bamboo.  I plan to head back to get some accent yarn for this gold bamboo I've spun and would like to make pretty summer pullover with.  I'm also thinking of some green cotton she has, also with some interesting embellishing yarn.  Obviously, I need to go back.  More later....

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  1. Oh, how wonderful! I can't wait to stop in when I go back to visit family again :)