Sunday, April 17, 2011

Great Spring Destash

Ambrosia and Bliss's Planet Earth done in two ply.
Record time from stash to finished object above you can see the Ambrosia and Bliss Planet Earth colorway. You are seeing it pre-wash as I wanted to show it off right away. I love the colors. They remind me of the hot pools at Yellowstone National Park.  My only regret is I wish I had planned a three ply.  I think Rambouillet looks better in a three-ply.

I'm taking the "No More Fleece--At Least For Now" pledge.  I hope this commitment to destashing lasts and lasts.  I'm missing fiber festivals this year after being a bit too jubilant at the Spring Fiber Jubilee.  I stayed home from Stephenstown and  Greencastle and I will probably sit out a few more in vain hope that I can finally make a dent in my stash.  Can I actually dip into my stash archives and make a difference?

Brown rug yarn is being spun on my Ladybug.
Maybe.  I carded all the teased brown rug yarn fleece I have and you can see it being turned into yarn on my Ladybug.  I plan to have it all spun by the end of the month! Honest!

Spring is really bouncing along and we have a backyard filling with daffodils.  Here, you can see some bloodroot blossoms.  They are a native wildflower and a potential dye plant.  I don't have enough to really dye with, as I don't want to dig them up and I'm not about to go dig up the woodlands either. I hope these will spread all over my yard someday.  We have a shady area I'm turning into a spring woodland garden.

Bloodroot growing in the backyard.
Oh, I probably should be gardening too.  Maybe next weekend.  It was sneeting* on Saturday and today was the only good day for a bike ride, so the garden gets to wait.

 *Sneeting is what I call snow, sleet and rain combinations.  It's kind of like nature sneering at us.

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  1. Pretty photos! You can make a dent in your stash! Yes, you can!