Saturday, April 2, 2011

Slipped and fell flat

Ambrosia & Bliss had a booth at Tallgrass Farm's Spring Fiber Jubilee, Opening Day for the Midwest Fiber Festival Season.

Spin Your Stash is a Ravelry group I belong to and one of the threads is called "Slipped A Little."  Since the aim of the group is to spin down stashed fiber before buying more, there is a thread for those little slip ups while visiting fiber fairs.  I have to admit, today at Tallgrass Farm's Spring Fiber Jubilee, I didn't merely slip, I fell flat. Ouch!

This is the first fleece from Sweetie, a lamb living on White Dove Farm.
Though I got there kind of late morning, my friend Mary Wallace of White Dove Farms still had two of the most gorgeous lambswool fleeces I've ever seen.  I was looking at one fleece when this little Sweetie caught my eye. Lovely, lustrous deep natural colored fleece shinning in the sunlight.  Soft, crimpy, absolutely scrumptious, this Sweetie's' first fleece is a beauty to behold.  Naturally, I couldn't let that one go.

While chatting with Mary, and helping a customer figure out yardage of a skein, yet another fleece caught my eye, the white Lilly's lamb's fleece.  This is also a delightful fleece, crimpy and soft and so card and spinnable looking.  Yep, you know what happened next.

Lilly's Lamb's first fleece also came home with me.

I wonder when I'll ever get to all this wool. I know I'll have to live until I'm 105.  I love spinning, but knitting the fingering weight wool I adore can take a long time.  But now I think I have a secret weapon.  A dear raveling relative who loves to crochet has agreed to take some stash off my hands.  Mooowahahahaha! Where can I find a nice big shipping crate?

My next stop was Raveler Minoux's Ambrosia & Bliss display in the store.  Realizing some of my stash was being mailed to a new home, I figured I could use a few replacements.  I bought two braids and what she calls a "Scooby Snack" which is a tiny batt.  I bought the snack after telling her there is no way I would ever buy carded batts because, well I have a Pat Greene and plenty of dyed fiber and glitz and could always card my own. Famous last words indeed...

I never miss the barn and there was Linus's second clip.  Linus is an Angora Goat born and being raised on Tallgrass Farm and I bought his kid fleece last fall which is this fabulous tri-colored fleece.  His second clip was gorgeous too.  Fortunately, I lost the arm wrestle with the other shopper as I have yet to spin Linus's first clip.  But yes, I will spin it soon.  I'm saving him for the Tour de Fleece he's that pretty.

So, yes, I've got two fleeces and two braids and it is only Opening Day of the Midwest fiber festival season.  This isn't looking good for my destashing plans.


  1. Ah, they are all so pretty Aunt Rose, I understoof why you splurged and bought them all. I wish we had so many of those fiber fairs here! One summer I will really need to come a do a tour!

  2. Fleece Fairs start in April and continue every weekend through October all over the U.S. This would be the ultimate road trip...