Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Merry Month of May!

Spinning 27 ounces of brown dyed Elihu Farm Romney into three-ply super-bulky rug yarn has made a satisfying little dent in my stash.
Bird song filtering through the various layers that protects the typical suburban abode from the out-of-doors woke me early this morning to the wonderful knowledge that it is May, and brings to mind a song sung years ago in Chorus.  It is an unusually gorgeous day, bright blue skies, soft breeze carrying the fragrance of ornamental shrub blossoms, the far off purr of a lawnmower a number of houses down--yes Spring in the Suburbs

It would be a great day to set the Lendrum outside, fire up the grill, you know all that stuff.  But I decided to live sustainably.  Oops!  That means gardening doesn't it?  Yep, trips to pick up bags of mulch, and composted cow poop (though I really need to contact some farmer friends for sheep poop) etc. and a certain amount of digging around.  But that's pretty normal.  We need to do that anyway in front or we are in danger of annoying our neighbors by having an unkempt front yard.  It's bad enough its organic and dandelion prone.  I'm sure there will be time for both pursuits.

And I do have some lovely broccoli plants and the perfect place for them in my flower bed.  Oh, the joys of May! Oh the weirdness of living sustainably in the suburbs!

In the meantime, I am incorporating TinkerTots' cash only pledge for fiber shows to my "extreme destash" pledge.  This seems reasonable.  And the thing is, I plan to avoid buying whole fleeces until at least next spring, you know those 5 to 10 lb bags that require lots of TLC? Purchasing an Indie painted braid or a bit of silk for dyeing and blending won't hurt as they are easy to store and spin.  And I wouldn't mind an extra Schacht bobbin or two to accommodate multiple simultaneous projects.  And I really want to go to the nearby Midwest Fiber Show and that new one out in Franklin Grove. It's a lovely drive and near a Nature Conservancy prairie that boasts a rare butterfly.

In the meantime, I am proud to announce a decrease in total stash weight!  I managed to card and spin up 27 ounces of rug yarn for the May challenge on "Spin Your Stash" and I shipped away a pound of yarn to my niece as a gift.  I am so glad to have a crafty relative!

For May, my first order of business will be to spin up 8 ounces of dark brown Jacob lambs wool and ply it with dyed Angora to make a soft, warm yarn.
So now, that it is May Day, I would dance around a ribbon decked pole, but this certainly would raise eyebrows in my neighborhood, so instead I will relax in my backyard with a nice cup of coffee.  Happy May and the hope of Spring to you all!  And to those readers Down Under, well, fall is nice too.

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