Monday, May 30, 2011

North Country

Laundry's sorted, a batch is swishing around, and I'm sitting back in my chair after many days away visiting North Country family for the Memorial Day weekend.  I've got that weird feeling I sometimes get after driving a long way--kind of like my body is still moving forward at close to seventy miles an hour and the four shot mocha is still kicked in.  Not exactly a comfortable feeling.

But worth it for getting the opportunity to stay someplace where Perkins and Old Heartburn Cafe haven't made any headway, and real country diners still thrive on the local highways.  I love Jean's especially, it's the kind of place where they ask you if you want "real" syrup, by which they mean Maple Syrup, not some artificially flavored caramel colored corn syrup in a nostalgic looking ye-olde plastic bottle--or worse in some plastic tub like it was grape jelly.  The eggs come from a shell from a chicken who lives down the road, not a carton off a restaurant supply truck.  The butter comes from cows.  The little town even boasts a pizza place that has homemade crust and uses local ingredients including smoked sausage from down the road.  This is the North Country.

Surprisingly,  I didn't come home with any fresh, field grown fleece.  There was lots of family stuff to do and that kept us busy the whole time.  Despite being out there in the midst of all that bucolic loveliness, the distant mountains, the hilly pastures perfect for growing excellent fleece, I still missed my little suburban home.  It is nice to be back with my studio and workshop surrounded again by all my many projects--spinning, weaving, knitting and I can get back to work on some dyeing and fiber prep ideas I've dreamed up.  Plus, there's the garden that got plenty of rain so needs a little TLC. 


  1. And the eggs are produced on our cousin's farm fed on grain they grow. Yes, the northcountry is bucolic paradise.