Saturday, May 7, 2011

Takeout for the fiber obsessed

This snack-sized bit of fiber goodness was delivered right to my door!
Just as I am likely to make a pizza from scratch--including grinding my own whole-wheat flour and running to the garden for fresh tomatoes and zucchini--so I enjoy knitting a sweater that began as a farm-fresh fleece purchased at the source and lovingly shepherded through the involved fiber-processing steps to make something lovely to wear. 
On the other hand, there's always take-out for dinner, whether it be Chinese or pizza delivered straight to my door for those days when playing kitchen goddess seems a bit too much, and I admit to the frailty of my humanity and those days I'm tired, or irritated, or whatever.  So, it is also nice to take a needed break from all that washing, dyeing, carding and other fiber-love task.
Yum! More wheel-ready takeout for the fiber obsessed!
Enter those snack-sized, ready-to-spin braids with all the lovely, colorfulness ready to go "wooohooo" on the wheel and providing as much "squeeeeeeeeee!" as a deep-dish Chicago-style pizza delivered to my door.  Yep, whether it be the pizza truck or the postal truck, there's delight delivered right to our doors.  And it can both be done online these days, as I did when I ordered from Wildberry Moon earlier this week.

Oh yes, the "extreme destash" pledge I opined about in my previous blog. (Turns slightly red).

Okay, so maybe I should be a politician or a tax lawyer or something, because there is a convenient loophole large enough to drive a delivery truck through, be it FedEx, Brown or the US Postal Service.  I only pledged fleece at fiber fairs and didn't say anything about mail-order braids!  Oops!  Anyhow, I've decided to take TinkerTots advice and will take the cash-only route since I don't want to miss a couple of the local fairs.  And I get extra credit if I buy, say an extra bobbin for the Schacht, rather than more wool/silk/whatever kind of fiber catches my eye.  And my latest purchase is earmarked for this year's Tour de Fleece, Ravelry's annual spinning frenzy that just happens to coincide with the Tour de France!  This will be a big stashdown opportunity for me.
These are the four snacks I'll be spinning as a member of Team Lendrum in the Tour de Fleece.  The blue and purple are from Ambrosia and Bliss.  This was truly take-out since I picked it up at Tallgrass Farm.
  Oh, and did I mention this latest addition brings me to an even 100 items on my stash page? (double oops!)


  1. Hey! I forgot to ask how the Tour du Fleece went last time? Did your team win? From my understanding this is something you can win at right? ^_^ Haha, I am way too competitive!

  2. I have my cash-roll building for the upcoming festivals! Here's hoping the plan works ;)

  3. what is "destashing"? Sounds very wrong...