Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Too much fiber? HAH!

"What is "destashing?" Sounds very wrong...wrote Eva a knitter, spinner and dog rescuer (yeah!) in comment to one of the blogs where I'm obsessing about having accumulated too much fiber.  Too much fiber?  Really? Who am I kidding?
Eva is right, all this destashing madness I've been blathering is very wrong.  I should be rejoicing to have enough stash to survive the looming Zombie Apocalypse! As we well know, zombies are repelled by lovely fiber stash. 

But back on topic:  a fiber artist must have her stash, and she must replace it as she uses it.  This idea of using it and not replacing it is sheer madness and is deeply wrong.  And with this I end the pretense of being overwhelmed by my stash and I embrace it!  I celebrate it!  I spin, knit and weave it and replace it with joy!
And I welcome the newest addition, dyed by fellow Raveler and blogger Etsy shop called A Piece of Vermont:



  1. Good doG! You even think like me LOL! I am also thinking of zombie attack while spinning and at the same time chuckling (muhaha, if the World goes mad tomorrow, I get myself flock of sheep, goat and some seeds and while the people become zombies, I will be OK- I have food and can make own cloths yay!)
    Need to get the weaving loom now, I might not like to wear knitted undies really. Heared horrid stories about knitted swimsuits from my elders...

  2. All I know is the colors are beautiful.