Sunday, May 22, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse? Not right away

My latest stash addition is 1.5 pounds of a cotton/lyocel blend destined to be spun into a summer top.

With the latest date for the possible start of a Zombie Apocalypse passing without incident--yes, I checked CNN just in case--it is time for those of use with historic stashes built up to tide us through the end-of-the-world-as-know-it to take a deep breath and enjoy the latest additions to our stashes.  Above you can see my newest fiber, arrived fresh from the Copper Moose, a fawn cotton lyocel blend that spins up rather nicely.  I hope to explore this blend more after the Tour de Fleece, and I'll let you know how it goes.

I guess we will have to look toward the next proposed Zombie Apocalypse date... the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012.  I'm something of an expert on this having half-watched a television special on it, while flipping during commercial breaks to watch a gay couple purchase a summer house in Mexico on House Hunters International.  Did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps the Mayan Academy of Sciences chose to close down the project?  That perhaps funding a bunch of scientists and stone cutters to create a calendar that stretched a thousand years into the future lost its appeal in face of other budgetary considerations?  Why do we jump to the conclusion that they stopped the project on the day the world would end?

Practical old fiscal politics is not nearly as sexy as the end of the world, and would not generate scripts for over-the-top disaster movies.  There really is no mystery here.  Apocalypse is sexy and is able to generate money and media interest as we saw from the latest spate of RV-driving prophets of doom.  I am always fascinated by what people manage to find in the Bible.  Some people find hope, solace, and a freeing love, others find gloom, doom and condemnation.  Could the message each person finds be decoding some deep workings of the soul?  Now this is a mystery. It is a mystery why people fixate on the Zombie Apocalypse thing in the first place.

Enough mystery! This is a fiber blog after all, dedicated to all of us who enjoy spinning lovely fibers peacefully at our wheels, knitting beautiful things, puttering in our gardens or among our potted plants, and generally doing our bit to make the world a saner place.  And, of course, supporting all our favorite fiber producers and purveyors by choosing among their beautiful offerings.


  1. Did they find the ideal home in the end (the gay couple)?
    Love the fibre, how will you spin it? 2ply? Do you have the ideal design yet? I would love some ideas ;-).
    P.S. Lucky for the World we think of zombies while spinning, we could take over the World ourselves, us spinners, since we spend hours of day dreaming while spinning.

  2. I plan a two ply, and I will dream up the knitting while I spin. And yes, the couple found a nice vacation home close to the beach and within their budget.