Sunday, June 26, 2011

Garden: Stones, Stakes and Thrums

I built this wall around my garden today.
Gardening kept me busy all day, and I know I have my farmer's tan from staking tomatoes and building the low wall you see above.  Our neighbor has had these stones stacked up behind his shed ever since he replaced his patio and he was more than glad to have my husband haul some away in a wheel barrow.  I did the actual building, and I must say it was a workout.  My eventual plan is to add more topsoil so we have a raised bed garden--and there's nothing better to use for a raise bed, in my opinion, than free stone.

Free stone is one of the advantages of suburban living.  With people coming and going from homes, there is always something stacked up behind sheds.  A couple of years ago, we took out all the paving stones our home's former owners had put in, and now they've been reincarnated into a raised bed for my tomato plants.

Yeah! More, more more!
 Thinking of tomatoes, I had to get into the garden and really get to work on staking them up!  I had neglected this.  We had to purchase stakes at our local Ace Hardware.  I go to our local Ace because I am trying to avoid the big box stores and support the little guy.  Anyhow, they have a great stake department, and we didn't have to walk 20 miles to find it.  I don't mind the big box workout, but when you have lots of gardening and wall building to do, I would just like to have a store where I can find things.  I also picked up some extra basil to complement the tomatoes and lettuce seed mix to keep us in greens all summer.

Because I weave, my tomatoes are tied with pure linen rug warp.  It is lovely stuff and I have tons of thrums left over from my earlier rug projects.  It was pretty enjoyable being out there, and working on the tomatoes.  I have 12 plants in all--two small potted ones and 10 that I hope will inundate me with tomatoes.   Oh, I hope so.  I'm also looking forward to the great zucchini and summer squash invasion. The plants are doing really well, but already two little summer squash are gone!  What varmint invaded my garden?  I don't know.  So that is where the wall idea came in because I thing some critters were slipping in under the fence.  Of course raccoons will probably just climb right over.  Sigh.

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