Sunday, June 12, 2011

Luxury and lettuce

This Angora and Jacob crepe yarn is luxuriously soft.
The weekend has been a busy one--working in the garden, spinning at my wheel and cooking organic lunches ahead in the kitchen, and snatching a moment or two to knit. Our local farmers market is open and the strawberries are plentiful, ripe and sweet and filling the air with a tantalizing aroma.  It is nice to have fresh berries in the morning cereal again.

My fiber efforts have concentrated on plying my crepe yarns.  After doing the dark brown, light brown and gray yarns shown above--about 10 ounces worth of yarn in total, I still have half a bobbin of the angora singles! The angora was a joy to spin and has a softness that is silky, smooth and delicious.  It deserves to be plied with something similarly wonderful, so I dug out a bump of Targhee--a lovely springy fleece-- to create another crepe yarn with the angora.  Spinning that has also been a dream and I managed to fill a bobbin over the weekend.  I hope to continue this progress and have something to show you next week.

I also hope to be picking my own lettuce next weekend.  Did I tell you my garden is going great?  I have flowers on my tomatoes, two little summer squash forming, and the green beans are already climbing the trellis.  I felt a bit like a character in Jack and the Beanstalk planting them a couple of weeks back, all the time wondering if they would bring me the gold I craved--in this case loads and loads of beans, enough to save into the winter.  I love green beans.  With broccoli and spinach it is my favorite vegetable.  In the meantime, I have blank spots in my garden waiting for when I can plant the latter.

Thinking of broccoli, I planted all my little purple sprouting seedlings and they've grown quite big but give no sign of providing food.  I worry, because summer is coming on quickly and I'm not sure what will grow.  But this is okay.  I have more seeds for later summer when broccoli will have a chance to bloom in fall.  I am still fairly new to vegetable gardening, so I have things to learn.  Trial and error works for me.

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  1. That looks delicious! The fibre I mean.
    We have no strawberries on market yet, still too soon, but I guess in couple of weeks there will be some here too? I hope anyway.
    You should take pics of your garden on daily basis, so you can make a video of all around the year in your garden!